Build your first AI product in 4 weeks!
Don’t be a bystander to the technology of the future, learn & become an AI builder.
Start building

Accelerate your journey in
the world of AI

We will handhold you through the entire spectrum of learning & mastering the space to building & launching an AI product

Master the landscape

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Come up with AI product ideas

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Learn & Explore with AI toolkit

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1:1 Guidance to build your first AI product

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AI is changing the world, and being a Builder will give you an edge!

Every day the world is changing with advancements in AI, and the early adopters have an opportunity to take the driving seat.

Builders like Pieter Levels & Danny Postma have generated more than $100K in revenues in just a few months.

There are opportunities to start new career paths like prompt engineering specialists, AI artists and more

With the advancement of generative AI, you can find novel solutions to old problems and make tasks more efficient

AI is slated to be integrated into every aspect of our lives

Here’s how we will help you build your first AI product

We will fuel you up with all the learnings, tools, guidance, mentorship, feedbacks, collaboration, community & more to get you there!

Stable Diffusion


Chat GPT

Fine tuning

Prompt engineering

Understand the world of Generative AI

You will understand the technology and its evolution with masterclasses and get guidance on the important tools to Build with AI.

Four sprints

Every week is a sprint towards a goal. From ideation to designing to building and launching, each week will take you closer to your first AI product.

A community of AI enthusiasts

You will join an active community of 500+ builders who have already started building with AI. Here you can discuss ideas, get feedback, find collaborators and help each other succeed.

Live learning

with the top AI mentors

Every weekly sprint will have live masterclasses with experts, 1:1s, informal discussions, building sessions & much more. You will be equipped with all the knowledge you need to launch an AI product.

Learn from the top 1% of
AI Experts & Builders

The best AI pioneers and early builders will be guiding you through the 4 weeks!

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3

You will master the AI landscape all in 4 weeks!

With structured structured guidance & collaboration you will learn and ship an AI product in four weeks.


Learning & Ideation

In this week via live sessions, 1:1s and community discussions, we will make you understand everything about Generative AI. We will also give you the framework to become an Idea Machine. By the end of the week, you will pitch your idea in front of everyone.


Learn the AI tools

In this week you will learn AI tools like Stable Diffusion, GPT-3, ChatGPT and understand the concepts of prompt engineering & embeddings. These are all you need to build your first AI product.


Design & Build your MVP

From how to design your products to actually building it out, we will walk the talk with you this week. By the end of this week, you will demo a working prototype of your pitched idea.


Launch your AI product

You will learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to how to get the first 100 users for your product. At the end of this week, you will have launched your first AI product.

Incredible AI products have already started to be built at Build

Slides AI

Create Presentation Slides with AI In Seconds


Perfect professional photos with AI

Formalise It

AI assistant to help you write professional Emails & Slack messages
Prompt Hero
Make your AI art 10x more nuanced with better prompts


AI-powered app that allows you to generate SQL queries using plain text

AI Pickup Lines Generator

Smoothest Pickup Lines Ever - Powered by AI!


The world’s only accelerator for Side Projects!







where the best come to start their side project journey

Make an investment that pays back 10X

18 Live Sessions

3 sessions per week (60 mins each) and Saturday demo sessions (120 mins)

Rapid Feedback

The core team & community will give you feedback on every stage so that you never get stuck.

AI tools & resources

Understand all the AI tools and get access to all the resources from this cohort

Community & Network

Access to a private online community with 500+ builders for one year.

Continuous Upskilling

Access to future cohort and special curated sessions to keep learning always on.

Build & Launch an AI product

You will have all the guidance, support, mentorship, 1:1s & more needed to get there

INR 30k

Accepting 100 builders

Start building
You must have a lot of questions.
We have answered them for you

When & where is this happening?

The second edition of BuildCamps is happening in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. It is happening from 7th April-14th April’23. We will be hosting it in a villa in Dharamshala.

Do I need to come from a specific backgournd to be part of this?

Anyone can build a side-project and you can be from any background to apply for BuildCamps. What we really look for is your willingness to commit to learning & shipping as side project.In the seven days, we will help you with tools, guidance, mentorship, collaboration, and lots of learning, to help you build & ship a side-project. We are accepting only 30 builders. Among these 30, we are ensuring that there will be at least 15 developers and 15 non-developers so that we can facilitate collaborations on ideas.

Who is it for?

BuildCamps is an experiential travel designed for people who want to build side-projects but lack the time and support of a tribe. It is for you if you want to be in a high-spirit environment with like-minded people and achieve a goal. The experience is designed to take you from sitting on the fence to launching a side project while traveling and having lots of fun.

What can I expect in these 7 days?

In the seven days, we will have 4 themes across which there will be masterclasses, group sessions, informal discussions, and lots of FUN as we go from ideation, building, and finally launching a side-project. Imagine everyday you wake up in resort in the hills surrounded by fellow builders, exchanging ideas, finding new friends, traveling Dharamshal and learning to build & ship a side project.

What is the application process?

The cohort is open only to 50 builders and below are a few things we will be looking to understand from the application form a) Your ability to think of possibilities & ideas b) Your motivation to build side-projects c) What you bring to the table

When do I need to pay?

You will only need to pay at final step for your spot confirmation, i.e, once you have received the acceptance email. The acceptance will happen based on your application details.

When will I know status of my application?

Once you apply, you will hear back from us within 7 days and if you are accepted, you can confirm your spot.

When is the last date to apply?

The last date for applications is 28th February 2023.

Where is the stay going to be?

The stay will be in specially selected villa in Dharamshala. We are doing everything to ensure we create a space that maximizes interaction, jamming and building together.

Who will take care of food & drinks?

We will take care of 7 days of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, as well as evening snacks. Chai/Coffee will be on the house throughout the stay too. Drinks will be on the house on kickoff night.

Do I need to take leave from office to come to BuildCamps?

BuildCamps is a workcation initiative where you will work on your full-time job while learning to build & launch a side project. You do not need to take a leave from office, you can work remotely from Dharamshala. The experience is structured in a way that gives you ample time to handle your office work. You will not miss out on any masterclass and sessions and by the time we end, you would have launched a side-project too.

How much time will I get everyday to do my office work?

The experience is structured to have the majority of sessions in the morning or evening after office hours. You will get 5-6 hours in the weekdays to do your office work. The mornings, evenings and weekends will be dedicated to learning, ideating and building a side project.

What is the total cost?

If you get accepted, in order to confirm your spot you will need to pay INR 60K excl GST. The cost covers your stay, food & program fee.

What is included & what is NOT included in the cost?

We are investing back the amount you are putting in to give you an experience that is going to be worth 10x. We have done the maths too, it costs more to do these at such a place with such people to build a side-project 👉 Stay in a villa in Dharamshala 👉 7 days of Breakfast and Dinner, and evening snacks 👉 Coffee/tea on the house on all 7 days 👉 Kickoff party 👉 Masterclasses, hands-on sessions and 1-1 with Builders in Residence 👉 Access to the Build Community 👉 Jamming sessions, campfires and lots of fun activities! 👉 BuildCamps exclusive merchandise ‍Here’s is all that is excluded ‍👉 Flight/Train/Bus to Dharamshala 👉 Airport to stay Transfers 👉 Cafe Visits & Local Explorations

What are the payment options available?

We would love to enable payment options like EMI, given we have kept it fairly priced and in order to keep the operations smooth + straightforward we haven't created it. Said this, we can absolutely figure things out on a case-to-case basis.

Are there any scholarships available?

Unfortunately, no. We are keeping this fairly priced in order to ensure we give time to it and at this price point, it will be criminal to think about offering scholarships. We believe the people we are looking to accept into the program will be able to afford it.

Can I attend with my family & friends?

Your family or friends can absolutely visit Dharamshala during the same time. You can arrange their accommodation at nearby places and spend time with them in between the program schedule.If you wish to attend the program with family or friends, then both of you need to make individual applications, and get selected to attend.

Do I mandotorily need to stay in the villa?

Yes, the experience is designed in a way that you will get the full benefit only when you stay together in one place. The collaborations & connections will happen over a beer, group sessions, or other activities planned in the villa. Also, the budget includes the stay, and we will not be able to refund you any amount if you decide to stay outside.

Are drinks included in the cost?

No, drinks will not be covered for all the days. You will have drinks on the house on Kickoff eve. We will absolutely try to bring in drinks on other days as well, but let's not keep that as a hard & fast promise 😀

Is sight seeing included in the cost?

No, sightseeing is not included in the cost. The cost covers your stay, food, and program experience and any local travel cost will have to be borne by you. Said this, we are figuring out ways to do some travel together to popular places around Dharamshala, but let's not keep that as a promise for the time being. We expect the selected Builders to go around and roam freely in Dharamshala as they would in any other vacation.(We have budgeted enough time for the time in the programming)

Will the room be sharing?

Most likely yes, it will be double sharing. Though, given how we see Build friendships building up we do expect to see Builders crashing in the common rooms as well 😀

Do I have to mandatorily launch a side project?

At BuildCamps we want you to travel while achieving a goal you have been wanting for some time. So yes, we would definitely want you to launch a side-proejct. And we are confident that the environment, people, and design of the program will take you over the line.

How much time will I have to enjoy Dharamshala?

The seven days are structured in a way that morning and evenings you will have scheduled sessions. Afternoon time is open and free for you to go out and explore the hell out of Dharamshala. We have budgeted enough time for you to enjoy outside the cottage so much so that we believe in a couple of days, you might stop going out given how much action will be happening inside the villa😀

Can I check-in or check-out late than planned date?

The experience is designed in such a way that each day helps you learn, build relationships, collaborate, jam on ideas, music and more. We would not want you to miss out on any sessions if you check-in late. But if you absolutely must, please let us know in advance and we will handle it case by case basis. You will have to cover the expenses of the extra stay or book another stay if you are staying post the planned dates or coming in early.

I have more questions, where can I reach out?

If there is any other queries, feel free to reach out to us at